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Using hint for Aluminium locked carabiner

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1. Please seperate the carabiner from chemicals, try to prevent the contact with dirt.
2. When cleaning the main lock, wash it in warm water below 40 degrees and then dry naturally.
3. Do not make the carabiner fall from height to the ground, otherwise you cannot notice the Internal damage.
4. Placed in ventilated, dry place, avoid heat, fire, not place it in damp for long time.
5. The service life depend on how you use them. It’s related with using frequency and environment. In general, the service life of the carabiner can not last more than five years.
6. The main lock edge should be lubricated after cleaning, also take care of any sand entering the coupling.
7. Please read the above instructions carefully before use, and use it correctly. The damage and accidents caused by the operation error can not be related to the brand and the dealer.
1. 主锁勿与化学药品接触,尽量不要接触泥沙。
2. 当清洗主锁时将其放在低于40度的温水中清洗,然后自然干燥。
3. 切勿使主锁从高处摔向地面,否则其内部的破坏是肉眼看不到的。
4. 应在干燥,通风处储存,避免与热源接触,不要在潮湿处长期放置。
5. 主锁的寿命与其使用状况有关,使用频率及其使用环境均对其寿命有影响。一般来说,主锁的使用率年限不超过5年。
6. 在清洗后应对主锁门边轴处进行润滑,使用中应避免沙粒进入连轴处。
7. 请在使用前详细阅读以上说明,并正确操作,因操作错误所造成的绳索损坏及事故与品牌及经销商无关。

Change the carabiners when the following situation occurs
1 when the  abrasive wear place reachs the 1/4 of diameter of the carabiner
2. When the lock section of the hook cannot be switched successfully
3. When the screw of the lock door can not normally closed and turn on.
4 when the main lock is contact with the chemical
5. When the main lock falled from high to solid ground
6 when the main lock is strongly impacted
7 Please consult from customer service if you are not sure whether the main lock can be used anymore.